Roofers in Petts Wood

Roofers in Petts Wood..

Roofers are professionals who lay the base of the key structure of your property, that is, roofs. They are knowledgeable industry experts who proficiently carry out all roof-related tasks, from roof installation to repair and maintenance. Thus, catering to all your concerns, they help you stay protected with long-lasting roofs.

Positive Roofing provides the best-quality roofs for commercial or domestic clients. We acquire a skilled team of roofers in Petts Wood who install your roofs as per your requirements. Get the most trusted roof services in the region for robust roof structures.

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One-Off Roofing Services

As experienced roofing contractors in Petts Wood (BR5), we install roofs that uplift your home’s functional and aesthetical value.

  • Our durable roofs withstand external conditions to last for years, providing you with excellent protection.
  • We collaborate with you to enhance your property’s curb appeal by adding elegance and ensuring skilled craftsmanship.
  • Our roof specialists utilise the best materials and install reliable insulations, making your new roofs remarkably energy-efficient.
  • Our roofs match every set standard of quality, reliability, and look. Rest assured of our guaranteed services for roofs.
One-Off Roofing Services
Get Your Preferred Roofs Installed

Get Your Preferred Roofs Installed

Our local roofers deal with several roofs, from the conventional to contemporary styles:

  • Gable roof
  • Clipped gable roof
  • Dutch gable roof
  • Shed roof
  • Flat roof
  • Gambrel roof
  • Hip roof
  • Mansard roof

24/7 Emergency Services

Our roofing company in Petts Wood is always there to serve you. We provide emergency roof repair services to assist you with any unexpected roof damage or leakage, enabling you to stay calm and protected with reliable roofs.

Our Multi-Dimensional Services

Apart from roof installations, our roofers in Petts Wood deal with all roof problems:

  • We provide quick roof repairs for any crack, damage or leakage.
  • We provide roof maintenance, recovering worn-out shingles, gutters, damaged flashings, etc.
  • We systematically remove your old roof and offer guaranteed roof replacements.

Affordable Costs for Premium Services

Being professional roof installers, we diligently accept all the challenges and deliver the best to our clients. Moreover, we charge affordable costs for all kinds of services, allowing you to enjoy premium solutions conveniently.


The cost of a flat roof depends on the roof area, location, and the nature of the job. For an estimate, you can expect the cost of flat roof installation to be £3,000 - £7,000 for a roof of 20m2. Connect with us, tell us your needs and get a precise cost estimate.

A flat roof is beneficial in many ways:

  • It offers easy installation.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It requires less installation time.

We are on hand around the clock to assist you with any kind of emergency with your roof.

On average, installing a flat roof takes 3-5 days; however, the duration varies based on the area of your roof.

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