Flat Roofing

Flat roofing installation helps you achieve an entirely or almost levelled surface. This type of roofing saves space and is a convenient option for buyers as it involves less construction work and reduced repair costs. Moreover, it allows for easy installation and lasts longer with proper maintenance.

You can get the best advice from professional roofers regarding flat roofing repair or replacement based on the roofing’s structural condition. They deliver guaranteed results by identifying the problem and rectifying it to restore and improve the roofing’s condition.

Our flat roofing contractors provide professional services at competitive prices, assisting with your roofing needs. We have developed a strong reputation, serving commercial and domestic clients over the years. Our specialists ensure to provide fully dedicated support before, during, and after the project completion with complete customer satisfaction.

Types of Flat Roofs We Install

We install almost all types of flat roofs, including:

  • PVC Flat Roof
  • Flat Metal Roof
  • Rubber Flat Roof
  • Concrete Flat Roof
  • Fibreglass Flat Roof
  • And many more ….

We use materials such as felt, lead, rubber, and fibreglass and ensure safe and secure flat roofing installation, allowing for easy water runoff from the surface for proper drainage.

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We Cover All Properties

Having years of experience, our flat roofing company has provided services to various clients:

Domestic Services

We carry out flat roofing replacement and installation work for domestic properties, allowing property owners to transform their dream structures into a reality. Our team members are skilled enough to complete the work efficiently and swiftly, involving minimal disturbance.

Commercial Services

We efficiently resolve roof leaking and other associated problems for commercial clients and provide them with optimal maintenance solutions. Our experts install modern flat roofs over different commercial properties to make them well-insulated and energy-efficient.

Industrial Services

Our experienced roofers provide insulated flat roof installation services for all small and large-scale industrial properties, such as workshops, warehouses, etc. We develop a trustworthy relationship with our clients by providing high-quality solutions that endure decades.

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Positive Roofing provide the highest level of customer service, ensuring the project’s timely completion. The professionals at our construction company always come up with the most appropriate and the best solution for your roofing problems.

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Installing flat roofing over a property might cost between £1,000 and £5,000 on average. This cost varies based on the property’s location and size, roof accessibility, and the type of material used.

You need to properly care for a flat roofing structure to keep it in good form and shape. You should perform regular checks to identify the smaller issues before they worsen. These include cleaning the roofing, clearing the drain blockages, and checking for the roof’s weight (during the snow season, for instance) to ensure effective maintenance and longevity of the roofing.

There can be different causes for which a roof structure starts leaking, such as age, damaged or poorly installed flashing, broken or missing tiles, damaged roofing membranes, etc. There can be leakage around a pipe or vent, which can be resolved by using extra flashings or applying caulk to seal the edges from where water leaks.

Flat roofing offers several benefits: It lasts up to 20 to 30 years if properly maintained and taken care of. Its easy installation and repairs make it one of the cost-effective choices. It is suitable for various purposes, such as building a rooftop garden, an office room, or a place to spend some relaxing time. All these things collectively make flat roofing worth investing in.

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